Whitebox Photobooths

Years ago, I built an arcade machine. It was a beast, with enough spots for four players and a 32 inch screen. After I built the machine people asked me what I was going to build next, and several suggestions were made. My favorite suggestion was a photobooth, and I finally got the opportunity when Chloe and I got married. It was such a hit at the wedding I thought we could rent it out for other people’s weddings or parties.

The biggest problem with this is starting a new company. Even coming up with a name proved to be very difficult, not to mention coming up with a logo. Eventually, I put together something that I was satisfied with, which you can see above. Later, I’ll make a post that details how I created the logo.

Here’s a picture of the photobooth itself. I wanted the booth to be more open-that way more people could get into the picture. There’s a bench that sits in front of the booth for when there’s only a couple of people posing. Visit Whitebox Photobooths for more information.


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