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This past weekend, Joey and I went on a road trip to Kansas City , Missouri to visit my brother Bo and awesome sister in law Alx.  We barely ever get to see them, and we really wanted to get out of Mississippi to have some fun before Joey’s Fall classes start, and he becomes too busy for spontaneous adventuring.
So we took some time off of work, booked Rodney-dog a spot at the kennel, got in the car on Friday morning and spent the whole day driving through farmland and weird little towns.
In Arkansas, we stopped in an interesting little town called Hardy and wandered around while old men on stoops gave us strange looks and shop owners tried to usher us out of their stores.  (Apparently everything closes at 4:00 on Fridays in Arkansas, and we got there just after 3:30.)  They have pretty good ice cream, a surprising number of quilting stores, and this mural.


We tried to go to Lambert’s Cafe in Ozark, MO to have some hot rolls thrown at us, but the wait was incredibly long and we gave up on the idea.  Instead, we ate across the street  at Grant’s Family Restaurant.  They had awesome tables which were hand made by one of the servers.


By the time we finally made it to Bo and Alx’s apartment in Kansas City, it was around 11 o’clock at night, so we visited for a minute and then passed out.
Saturday morning, we all went to The City Market, and there was a ton of locally grown produce, spices, food and general awesomeness.  Bo and Alx are trying to convince us to move to Kansas City, and I must say that the market goes a long way in that arguement.  I can just picture us going there every weekend to load up on veggies, and all of us together having big family dinners outside on the patio.  While we were there, we had hamburgers and turkey legs that were cooked right in front of us on a massive grill.





Then we went to the Asian market (also a big selling point) and drove around town looking at the different neighborhoods and the house they are trying to buy.



Then later in the day, we went to the Nelson-Atkins museum, which is huge and full of amazing things.  We saw all three panels of Monet’s Waterlillies on display in all it’s massive glory.  Then we went shopping and ate noodles.  Then that night, Alx’s brother and his girlfriend joined us,  and we all went to a cute little restaurant to eat and drink and be merry.  Then back to the apartment to stay up late watching cartoons and playing video games.



Sunday, we woke up and had coffee with Bo and Alx, talked to Alx’s family in Bulgaria over Skype.  Watched YouTube videos and hung out.  Then we drove to the Kansas side of town to eat at One Bite for lunch.  One Bite is an adorable little Japanese place that Alx does graphic design work for.  From there we ran some errands, went to an awesome toy store to look at vinyl toys and art prints.  Alx made us an awesome dinner and we watched this show called Wilfred.  Have you seen it?  It’s amazing.



Then Monday morning, we left Kansas City bright and early to drive back to our regular lives.  We were so sad to leave, b/c we had such an awesome time.  We seriously might move there after Joey finishes school.   It was so great to visit with family.  And I feel so inspired from the trip.  It’s easy to lose inspiration when you live in a small town without a lot of outside influence.  I think this trip is exactly what we needed.



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  1. It was so great having you guys over! We must do this more often ^_^ Love, Alx

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