Make a flash reflector!

When you’re taking pictures indoors, ever want to get nice even lighting from your DSLR but can’t afford to buy a decent external flash, or don’t want to carry around an extra bag full of accessories when you go out?

Usually you can’t get enough lighting from indoor shots; built-in flashes are more for filling in shadows from bright sunlight, not illuminating indoor areas.

But with this home-made flash bounce, you’ll get much better results without spending much money on things like this or this. (I haven’t tried either of those; it’s more of an illustration)

All you have to do is download and print out the Shipwrecked with You flash bounce here or by clicking the image below!

Click through to see what a huge difference it’ll make in your photographs.

So here’s some results.



And after:


and after:

Here’s what it’ll look like when the flash is going off. Notice how the light is directed above, then reflects off of the ceiling, making for a more natural looking shot. Enough light even reflects off of your smooth bald head to fill the room with a warm glow. Huzzah!

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  1. […] of washing out every image we take. But [Joey] has a different solution to the problem. He shows us how to make a papercraft flash reflector that will still light up your subject without washing out everything in the […]

  2. (Half Joking) What about for someone that isn’t bald? It’s reflecting off your head.

    • The only solution is to shave your head!

      However! Most of the flash will actually bounce off of the ceiling.

  3. Awesome! Worked great, my shutter speed went from 1/10th to 1/80th between no flash (because the flash made it look horrible), then with the paper. This will hold me off until I buy an external flash :) Thanks!

    P.S. I have a Sony a33, and the layout worked nearly perfect

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