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First Anniversaries

Chloe and I have been married for a year now!

Since paper is the traditional first year gift, I decided to make a cut paper piece of art that referenced our wedding, and the life we have now.

Our animals are a big part of that life, so it features all three of them. Our wedding invitations featured the silhouettes above, so I remade them.

Click more to see how I put everything together.

Do you want some Artistic License?

The other day, somebody on twitter mentioned that they wanted an actual artistic license they could whip out when people started to complain about something they create, so I made it.

Print them out, place a credit card on top, and cut around it. I’ve left you plenty of room along the edges.

Click the image above to download a PDF and add your own picture, or click the one below for a non-photo ID version.

Here’s a picture of mine: