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DIY: Restuff An Old Papasan Cushion

papasan cushion restuff - before and after

When Joey and I first moved in together, we didn’t have much money to spend on furniture.  So instead of buying a couch for our living room, we bought a double papasan chair from Pier 1.  It started out great, and we felt so smart for all the money we saved, but over the years it’s been slowly falling apart.  We’ve already had to reinforce the frame once, and lately the cushion just gave up. We should probably just buy a new couch, but Joey graduates in just a few months, after which we plan to move to Oregon.  And I hate the idea of dragging a new couch across the country.  I thought about either buying or making a new cushion from scratch, but this weekend I decided to try opening it up and adding some new stuffing.  It worked beautifully and only took about half an hour from start to finish.  If you’re also suffering from a papasan cushion failure, here’s how I did it.