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July 5

I did today’s on a different chalkboard. Usually I do the daily chalkboard calendar on our chalkboard-painted downstairs bathroom wall. Today I’ve done it on our upstairs studio chalkboard, something we found at the local thrift store. It was only 10 dollars, and is similar to a chalkboard you’d see in a schoolroom.

July 4

Almost all of the chalk I have is colored chalk. Along with some light photoshop work (rearranging some pixels, but never on the actual design), I actually bump the contrast, decrease the brightness, and desaturate the images. I never really like the way the color turned out, and I wanted a more classic chalkboard look. Everything I’ve done so far has been in colored chalk-I only own a small amount of white chalk, and these designs are usually about three feet tall.

Days until – HOW-TO

I saw this somewhere, and I wanted to make one for myself, and show you how you could do it, too. It’s essentially a chalkboard with some words stenciled into the middle of the board. There’s a technique I’ve developed over the years for the stencil that I use here that could be used for a lot of other things. Let’s get to it!