Kansas City

This past weekend, Joey and I went on a road trip to Kansas City , Missouri to visit my brother Bo and awesome sister in law Alx.  We barely ever get to see them, and we really wanted to get out of Mississippi to have some fun before Joey’s Fall classes start, and he becomes too busy for spontaneous adventuring.

August 10

We have a ton of stuff on our walls, like these owl masks, which you can download here. We made these for halloween in 2009 and went to a party, even though we were feeling under the weather. Turns out we both got swine flu. That was unpleasant, but everybody at the party loved the owl masks, so I guess all in all we came out ahead.

August 9


When we were on the road, I brought along a small chalkboard so I could keep up with the daily chalkboard calendar. I think this is how I’m going to handle the calendar from now on. I might make a scan of the design and post it underneath a jump, but the main image will be very much like they’ve been for the last couple days.

When we go out of town something has to be done with Rodney. He’s an inside dog, and needs to be taken care of. It breaks our heart to put him in the kennel, but that’s what we had to do. This is his second time in the kennel, and he doesn’t seem any worse for wear.

August 7


Yesterday Chloe and I, along with her brother and sister in law, went to the Kansas City farmer’s market. There is such a wide variety of people here, it’s amazing.

August 6

This weekend we’re in Kansas City visiting family, so I brought along a small chalkboard to do the calendar!

We’re staying in the apartment of a family friend. The place is really cool, the building is petty old- there’s even a little cubbyhole outside the apartment door that the milk deliveryman would use to safely make his deliveries.

August 5


Sorry about the big light spot over to the right there, we’re on the road, and I can’t edit this file with anything but psmobile on the old iphone. The light spot is always there, but I’ll usually burn it away. Maybe I’ll get to it later, but maybe I’ll leave it as a souvenir of the trip.