July 19

Today, in a very special “I MEANT TO DO THAT” edition of the daily chalkboard calendar:


Here’s the corrected one:

Bordages Lotion

Chloe has made her own lotion for almost at least as long as we’ve been dating, and still makes it today. We have a mint plant in front of our apartment, and also have a farmer’s market here in Starkville. We’ve always wanted to go and sell things there, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. In fact, this lotion doesn’t even exist yet! I asked Chloe if she could make mint lotion with the mint out front, she said yes, so I’m making the packaging before we even make the lotion.

It’s a simple design, with a botanical-themed pattern in the background. I plan on making more designs based on this one. (Hair products, toothpaste, oils, other types of lotion)

(It’s pronounced bor-dash; Chloe’s maiden name)