Chalkboard Calendar

I’m going to start making a chalk drawing every day, of the day, starting to-day!
The goal of this is to have a complete calendar a year from now. I might even keep going and replace these first few, since I’m sure I’ll look at these in a year and want to throw up.

Robot Resurrection

When I was a kid there were few things I wanted more than a robot. I drew robots. I dreamed about robots. I remember telling my mother that I was going to be a “robot inventor” when I grew up. When I was somewhere between 8 and 11 Santa brought me a real robot, Robie Sr. I loved that robot but I got too curious and took him apart. Back then I wasn’t nearly good enough to actually put him back together, so his parts hung around my room for years before I finally got rid of them.

Robie hanging out with his homie, Emiglio.


Fast forward to 2007. I was thinking about Robie, and how much fun it would be to have him back. A quick trip to Ebay later I had found one, and he wasn’t very expensive either. He came in his original box and everything worked. It was around then that I started thinking about what I could do to make him better. …but without breaking the bank.

I know! Let’s swap out his old flashlight eyes with some LEDs!

Whitebox Photobooths

Years ago, I built an arcade machine. It was a beast, with enough spots for four players and a 32 inch screen. After I built the machine people asked me what I was going to build next, and several suggestions were made. My favorite suggestion was a photobooth, and I finally got the opportunity when Chloe and I got married. It was such a hit at the wedding I thought we could rent it out for other people’s weddings or parties.

The biggest problem with this is starting a new company. Even coming up with a name proved to be very difficult, not to mention coming up with a logo. Eventually, I put together something that I was satisfied with, which you can see above. Later, I’ll make a post that details how I created the logo.

Here’s a picture of the photobooth itself. I wanted the booth to be more open-that way more people could get into the picture. There’s a bench that sits in front of the booth for when there’s only a couple of people posing. Visit Whitebox Photobooths for more information.


First Anniversaries

Chloe and I have been married for a year now!

Since paper is the traditional first year gift, I decided to make a cut paper piece of art that referenced our wedding, and the life we have now.

Our animals are a big part of that life, so it features all three of them. Our wedding invitations featured the silhouettes above, so I remade them.

Click more to see how I put everything together.